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6 Creative Ways to Use Chili Crisp to Level Up Your Everyday Meals

The condiment is popular for a reason: It’s great on everything from sandwiches to ice cream.
6 Creative Ways to Use Chili Crisp to Level Up Your Everyday Meals
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4. Shake it up in your go-to mocktail.

The next time you make a zero-proof drink, add a couple of drops of chili crisp to heat up your libation. A small amount goes a long way, so if you only have a bit left in your jar, this might be an amazing way to use it up. You only need about ¼ tsp. to 1 tsp. per mocktail, Gao says. The spicy condiment tastes great with non-alcoholic palomas or margaritas because the bitterness, heat, and sweetness balance each other. If you’re looking for a way to make your beverage extra pretty, too, consider grounding up some Sichuan pepper and salt and crafting a rim, she says. Cheers!

5. Add some heat and flavor to your next sandwich.

There are two genius ways to sneak chili crisp into your next sammy, Gao says. The first: Mix it into an aioli—use a two-to-one ratio of mayo to chili crisp—and slather onto your bread to add moisture and seasoning. You can also craft a flavored spread by mixing a two-to-one ratio of fat (like butter or coconut oil) and the condiment, she says. Once you create the spicy combo, you can spread it on toast, bagels or whichever base you like for your sandwiches.

6. Use it as an ice cream topping.

Level up your ice cream by tossing in some chili crisp to give it a sweet, salty, and umami flavor, Gao says. If you’re super invested in this idea of a spicy-sweet sundae, try spooning it into the ice cream you’re making from scratch. Twirl some of the chili crisp into the batter so that after it freezes, you can bask in the beauty of the red-hued swirls, she explains.

Want a little less prep work? You can also get creative by mixing it in your toppings—yes, even with whipped cream, she says.

Okay, now that you’ve got the general deets on how to use up your jar of chili crisp, read on to the spicy recipes for more specifics!