Innovative products
for horses and riders

Mounty is a byword for innovation in the field of equestrian sports. Professional and amateur riders all over the world value the practical aids developed by Mounty, for they take much of the strain out of daily work routines, and thus make life a great deal pleasanter for both rider and horse. Mounty’s entire range of equestrian equipment is designed by riders, technicians and scientists working closely together in teams. The results of their efforts are invariably high-quality products and innovative aids that spare horses unnecessary discomfort.

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Our products:
A programme for the wellbeing of the horse

The Mounty product range includes a Mounting Aid that spares horses’ backs, a prophylactic treatment set for toning tendons and ligaments, and systems for treating injuries and supporting the recovery process.

Practical aids for home stables and tournament venues.

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Ingrid Klimke is a Mounty fan

Our Mounting Aid has become an indispensable piece of equipment in Ingrid Klimke’s home stable. And she isn’t the only high-profile fan of Mounty products.

A glance behind the scenes at the World Championship grounds in Lexington and Malaysia,  in competition warm-up areas, or at the venues where countless national events are held, will show just how many riders put their faith in our products.

If you click on the link to our References page, you may see one or two familiar faces.

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About our company:
Get to know Mounty

The health and the wellbeing of the horse are always at the forefront of our thinking. That means MOUNTY uses the latest technologies to come up with solutions that make life easier and pleasanter for both horse and rider. Our goal is to investigate problems, identify solutions, and come up with user-friendly products. The products we create reflect not only our own daily experience of working with horses, but also the feedback and input we receive from our customers.

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Recent videos about our products

Mounty products are very easy to use!

To find out just how easy, click on the videos we have uploaded for you. You’ll have no trouble getting the hang of our systems and aids: even the items that may at first seem a little complicated will greatly simplify a number of your daily grooming routines!

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