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The $15 Jisulife Handheld Fan Changed My Sweaty Little Life

This is the one device that actually keeps me cool.
Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K. Bailey

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I sweat a lot. Everywhere I go, I have to make a pit stop in the bathroom so I can fully wipe myself down with paper towels. After five minutes outside in summer, I feel a bead of sweat start in my hair then chart its audacious little path down my back and butt before pooling in my shoe. Cool, right? (HAHA, no! Not cool! The opposite of cool!)

Over the years, I’ve tried to combat the sweat with various methods. I’ve carried handkerchiefs in my purse, which only mopped up the problem instead of solving it. Paper fans were helpful, but a pain on my wrist. I often wished an ice bath could follow me from location to location, but since that was impossible, it felt like I’d run out of options—until recently, when I complained to a friend about my perspiration predicament.

“Did someone say…‘cool off’?” my friend asked, dramatically whipping a sleek, palm-size device out of her clutch. With the press of a button, it turned into a fan that she aimed at my face, thus rocking my world. That evening, I went home and bought a Jisulife handheld fan for myself.

How does the Jisulife Handheld Fan work?

This useful gadget has revolutionized how I live in our weird, warming world. It’s lightweight (6.4 ounces, which is around the weight of an iPhone 14) and small enough to fit in my fanny pack or pocket. There are three powerful settings that take its airstream from breeze to blast, and the device is rechargeable, with a battery that lasts for weeks (seriously, I’ve charged it only once in a month). Notably, there’s also a mini version of the fan, which is a couple ounces lighter and has only two speed settings. The fan easily switches between handheld and freestanding styles, in case I want to prop it up on a picnic blanket or near my desk. If that weren’t enough, it acts as a flashlight and backup charger—the kind that can save your phone in a pinch. Did I mention it only costs $15?

Malia Griggs
Malia Griggs

I pretty much keep my fan with me at all times now. It accompanies me on long walks in the park and for lengthy waits on subway platforms. Everywhere I go, strangers beg to know where they, too, can acquire one (and I even influenced my editor in chief into a purchase). Last weekend, a friend and I dined outside on a muggy 90-degree night. Luckily, we both had fans! We flipped them open on the table and enjoyed our mussels and fries in a blissful bubble of chill. By the end of the meal, the people sitting next to us decided to buy Jisulifes too.

This was absolutely the best purchase I’ve made in months—and, in my opinion, was such a small price to pay for less sweat and a much more pleasurable summer.

Jisulife Handheld Fan